ATTENTION: You have to read carefully this License Agreement before installing this Software. By installing «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software you acknowledge and agree with all terms of this Agreement. If the terms of this Agreement are unacceptable to you, you have to refuse to install this Software and/or delete/uninstall it from your Personal computer (device).

1. General Terms

1.1. Familiarization and observance of terms and requirements of this Agreement is mandatory and necessary condition for «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software.

1.2. User hereby agrees with the terms of this License Agreement and undertakes to comply them unconditionally and without any questions.

1.3. «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software is a program for a computer, an extension for Internet browsers «Firefox», «Opera» and «Google Chrome». It represents a set of special tools for more comfortable and effective work of your PC on the Internet. Specific methods for using and application of «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software are defined in this License Agreement. The rightholder of «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software is Franden Associates LTD, address: Akara Bidg., 24 De Castro Street, Wickhams Cay 1, Road Town, Tortola, BVI (hereinafter – «Rightholder»).

1.4. As part of using «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software the User activates a specialized advertising module, which places advertisements on websites, visited by the User on the Internet, by the following methods:

2. Using «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software

2.1. User fully and unconditionally agrees with the terms of this License Agreement by downloading and installing «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software on their personal computer (acceptance of License Agreement).

2.2. Using «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software is permitted solely in ways, established in this License Agreement. If the User does not agree with separate terms of License Agreement, the User agrees not to use «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software. Using «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software with violation (failure) of any of the terms of License Agreement is prohibited.

2.3. User has the right to download and install «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software on unlimited number of personal computer devices. When «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software is installed on a personal computer, a unique identifier, which is automatically reported to the Rightholder, is assigned to each copy of the software.

2.4. Except for using in amounts and ways directly provided by this License Agreement and/or by a legislation of a country of User's jurisdiction.

2.5. User does not have the right to change, decompile, unassemble, decrypt and perform other actions with an object code of «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software with the aim of obtaining information on the implementation of algorithms, used in «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software, change the work of «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software, create derivative works using «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software, as well as perform (allow to perform) other use of «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software without written permission of the Rightholder.

2.6. «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software is provided on «as is» conditions. The Rightholder does not provide any guarantees in regard to error-free and smooth operation of «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software, compliance of «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software to specific goals and expectations of the User, as well as does not provide any other guarantees, which are not directly specified in this License Agreement.

2.7. Using «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software, the User consciously and on their own initiative provides replacement/addition of Rightholder's advertising materials on pages of different websites, by installing, enabling and using «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software in their personal web browser.

2.8. Using «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software is performed by the User at their own discretion, at their own risk and responsibility.

3. Limitation of responsibility

3.1. Rightholder is not responsible for a quality, credibility and legitimacy of advertising materials, published/posted by advertisers through an advertising module built into «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software, as well as for any consequences of using advertising information.

3.2. Rightholder is not responsible for losses or any other damages, caused to the User as a result of transitions on active hyperlinks to advertisers' websites.

3.3. Rightholder does not accept claims regarding the performance of «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software in case of interruptions in the work of User's browser.

3.4. Rightholder provides functioning of «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software in 24 hours mode, but does not guarantee absence of interruptions, related to technical malfunctions or performing preventive maintenance.

3.5. Rightholder does not guarantee that «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software will function at any particular time in the future or that it does not stop working.

3.6. Rightholder does not guarantee absence of problems and errors at work of «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software, as well as guarantee that problems will be eliminated.

3.7. Rightholder is not responsible for the functioning of the User's computer resulting from use of «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software.

3.8. Rightholder makes efforts to minimize Internet traffic, which is consumed by «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software, but is not responsible for its final cost for the User.

3.9. Rightholder is not responsible to the third parties for actions of Users who use «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software.

4. Terms of use of individual functions and additional features «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software

As part of the advertising module «AS (TS) Magic Player» the User is provided with the following additional features:

Using «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software the User on their own initiative and at their sole discretion provides adding Rightholder's advertising materials to windows / tabs of their personal web browser, by installing, enabling and using «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software.

5. Measures to protect User's personal information

5.1. Rightholder takes the necessary and sufficient organizational and technical measures to protect User's personal information from unauthorized or accidental access, destroying, changing, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as from other unlawful actions with it by third parties.

5.2. «Cookie» files and other personal information are not transferred to the Rightholder.

5.3. Rightholder has the right to collect statistical impersonal information about actions/inactions of Users on the Internet.

6. Change/update «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software

6.1. This License Agreement spreads on all following updates/new versions of «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software. Agreeing with downloading and installing updates/new versions of «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software, the User accepts terms of this License Agreement for relevant updates/new versions of «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software, if updating/installing a new version of «AS (TS) Magic Player» Software is not accompanied by a required acceptance of a new License Agreement.

7. Changes to terms of this License Agreement

7.1. This License Agreement can be changed by the Rightholder unilaterally. Notification of the User about changes in terms of this License Agreement is published on the web page Specified changes in terms of License Agreement enter into force on the date of their publication, unless something else is specified in a relevant publication.

8. Legal version of this License Agreement

8.1. Official and legal version of the Agreement is provided in Russian on the web page

8.2. All versions of the Agreement available on the Website and published in any other language (except Russian) are approximate translation of the official Agreement and are provided only for informative purposes to form a common understanding of the official Agreement’s content and have no legal value (they are not the official Agreement and/or agreement of open offer).